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Terms & Condition Agreement

By playing on the server you agree to the following terms: You follow the rules, this is not a three strike system. If you are caught you can be banned instantly. This is a community server offered to those that have chosen to support the community. By subscribing to the stream you are not entitled to be allowed on the server. The server is offered as a perk just like our other servers. The server is officially owned by me (Bigbaddevil7) so any claims that you have paid to play on the server is null and void as I will have not received any revenue from you. WeAllPlayCast is allowed to invite players on the server with the Terms & Conditions I have assigned to them. If you happen to be banned from a server there still may be a chance you can play on another, with the exception of Shared name servers. If you are banned from one Minecraft server you are banned from all of them. If you do happen to be banned from all servers there is no entitlement of a refund. When you subscribe you agree to support the stream and that is all. It is also states in Twitch's TOS how to cancel a subscription Under 'CANCELLATION OF SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES' which does not envolve asking the streamers. If this become an issue in itself we as Moderators reserve the right to remove you from chat services.

Simplest Terms & Conditions Ever,


Server Info

All of the server info that is needed to connect to the servers are here.

For anyone that wishes to connect to the Minecraft servers please be sure to whitelist yourself and allow up to 10 minutes for the whitelist to

refresh! If you still can't connect contact a mod via Curse.

Minecraft Server A


Offline! Players: N/A Version: N/A

Minecraft Server B


Offline! Players: N/A Version: N/A

Seven Days To Die

Port: Password:

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